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On my consultation form, I have a question that asks, "If you had a magic wand, what would your skin look like in one month?" Some people laugh when they see it, or give me a confused look, but it helps me to know what your skincare goals are. Understandably, I'm often asked questions like, "what can I do to erase these wrinkles," "how do I get rid of these sun spots," "how long will it take to cure my acne"...etc. I really do wish that I had a magic wand for these things, but alas, I do not (though I do consider my hands magic wands when I'm in the treatment room😁). Results take time! And they also take effort. I make it a point to be honest with clients about what they can expect from treatments, what home care products are necessary to bring results, and the timeline in which it will take to achieve those results. Truthfully, to achieve any kind of result, both client and esthetician need to be working together.

First, I want to start off by saying I understand that not everyone comes to get a facial because they're interested in solving a skincare problem. Some people just love to come in and relax, which is totally okay! It does limit what I'm able to do in a treatment, though. For instance, I couldn't do a chemical peel on a client who doesn't come regularly and has no home care regimen. Using super active products on the skin isn't a good idea if you don't have products at home. Maintaining the barrier is KEY to healthy skin. If you do have the recommended products at home, then we are able to do more effective treatments in the studio. Proper home care is the only way to combat skin issues. If you're coming in because you have a particular skin concern, there is absolutely no way to solve it if you're not willing to use home care. So while I'm happy to treat your skin even if it's just for a special occasion, just know that I can't erase pigmentation, reduce wrinkles, or cure acne in an hour. If I could, I'd be rich! 

When it comes to results from your skincare products, there are several factors to consider. Consistency, of course, but also how we go about choosing the products themselves. As you probably know due to my incessant raving about them, I carry several different lines in the studio to ensure that I can meet the needs of any client. I use Image Skincare, Skin Script, Hale & Hush, and most recently added Circadia to my skincare arsenal. All of these companies are well respected in the industry, and I chose to bring them in to my business for different reasons. Image is a huge line that caters to all different skin issues. Skin Script is extremely budget friendly and has great special enzymes. Hale & Hush is geared to the most sensitive of skins and perfect for dipping toes into the professional skincare waters while also being highly effective. And Circadia, my newest addition, has really innovative products that check a lot of boxes for me (my next blog post is going to introduce this brand to you-stay tuned!). There are a LOT of skincare brands out there, though. It's not uncommon for me to be asked about some of them. It's also not uncommon for clients to ask what cheaper alternatives there might be. I get it. Skincare can be expensive. But trust me when I say that the skincare lines that I use are actually considered affordable in the professional skincare world! I've taken many continuing education trainings with each brand, and of course use products from all of them in my own routine. I chose them because they're effective, they align with my business' and clients' goals, and their prices aren't so out of reach for the average person. Of course they cost more than the stuff at CVS (I have a blog about why pro skincare is better-check it out if you missed it). But if that stuff worked well, I'd be using it myself. I'd be using it on my clients. But I'm not! I use professional products from lines that put a lot of money into clinical trials, formulate products and delivery systems that make the ingredients more effective (just having an ingredient doesn't make a product good-again, see my blog!). I don't just buy new products and put them on your skin, either. I test products on myself (and my guinea pig...I, husband) and do extensive research on each line. It takes many hours of trainings to learn about a brand and what products they offer, and then I need to stay updated on them. This is part of the job, and I truly love it! I'm confident that I can help any client with any concern using the lines that I carry. What does this have to do with getting results? I know the lines that I carry and don't focus on learning about lines that I don't. So when I'm asked what I think of ____ line or product, or what a cheaper alternative is, I really can't say. I don't know anything about the formulations, because I've spent my time studying my current lines and watching them work their magic right before my eyes in the treatment room. It wouldn't make sense for me to give you suggestions about what results you can expect from a line that I know nothing about. So while I can't answer your questions about all of the skincare companies out there, if you have questions about the lines that I carry at CDB, I am more than happy to give you all of the information I have on them! If you have interest in other lines or products, that's cool too-I advise you to reach out to those brands so that they can help you with your needs.

Something obvious that I want to mention about getting results is have to use your products for them to work. I have had clients buy products to solve an issue, but then tell me that most of the time they don't remember to use them. I know that building a new habit can be a challenge, but you can't work out once a week and expect a six pack, just like you can't use a moisturizer three times a week and expect hydrated skin. If you find yourself falling into bed at the end of the day because you've worked all day or taken care of the kids since the crack of dawn, try this tip-wash your face/do your nighttime routine as soon as you get home (or as soon as your partner gets home and gives you a free moment). It takes 5 minutes of your time and your skin will thank you for it! I find that most people struggle with making the time for their nighttime routine, but that's not always the case. If you're someone who presses snooze 8 times and rushes out the door, I have an idea for you. In the morning, train yourself to wash your face before you even brush your teeth. Put your cleanser next to your toothbrush so that you remember! You really only need to do 2 steps in the morning-wash your face, and put on your SPF. If you aren't doing a morning routine, that means you aren't wearing sunscreen, and if you aren't wearing sunscreen...wait, my eye is twitching. Please, make sure you're wearing sunscreen. Make the time twice a day to use the products you've invested in. You cannot expect to see results from something you only remember to do a couple of times a week (trust me, if that worked, I'd have abs).

I know that not everyone gets facials or is into skincare. Or maybe you're great at doing your routine on your face, but not your body. If you're getting waxed, there are things you need to remember as well! It's necessary to exfoliate. It's necessary to apply lotion daily. It might even be necessary to use an ingrown hair serum. And of course, staying on the recommended waxing schedule is vital to staying within the proper hair growth cycle. After a wax, I suggest what kind of lotion or exfoliant might be best for that specific person, or how many times per week exfoliation is necessary for their skin. I have a blog post where I talk in depth about how to get the most out of your waxing experience, which is a great place for beginners or those who need a refresher to learn a thing or two. But you can't expect to be perfectly smooth or ingrown hair free if you aren't following my suggestions. Consistency helps, but even if you're coming in regularly but not doing anything else, you might not have the smooth skin that you desire. If I tell you that perhaps the product you're using in the shower is too harsh and might be the culprit, it's not because I want to ruin your day and make you run out to the store for something new. It's because I know that switching to something else will benefit you. And of course, as with anything, getting the best results can take time! It might even take a few tweaks. Sometimes we need less exfoliation, sometimes we need more...taking the time to figure out what your specific needs are will help you to get the best results possible. 

To sum things up, you can't get the results that you're capable of getting if you don't put the time and effort into it. With skin, there are so many factors. Consistency, time, cell turnover rates, hair growth cycles...there's a lot to consider. Great results are possible if you and your esthetician are working as a team-no magic wands necessary!

love & lipstick,


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