Wednesday, September 22, 2021


Recently, I posted something on my Instagram story about my dream of having an LED bar. Some people indicated that they were interested in learning more about it, and about LED in general, so here we are. If you're a client of mine, you've likely experienced LED in action during a treatment because it's one of the technologies that the My Skin Buddy utilizes. Y'all know how much I love that thing!

LED was developed by NASA and stands for light-emitting diode, and I'm only mentioning that because I'm sure some of you would google it if I didn't (I'm not going to get into any super science-y stuff here, I promise). Those super smarty pants NASA people might not have gotten the results that they expected for plant growth or whatever, but they did discover that LED aided in wound healing, and therefore could benefit the skin. How cool is that?!

So how does LED work? Like I said, I'm not going to get science-y-in fact I'm going to make it as simple as possible. Basically, different color lights have different wavelengths that cause different responses in the skin. Red LED aids in cell repair, stimulates collagen production (i.e. helping with wrinkle reduction), and reduces inflammation. Blue LED kills bacteria and is especially helpful for reducing acne and oil production. Green LED helps to soothe and brighten the skin, reducing redness and aiding in reduction of pigmentation. Essentially, LED can target any skin issue that you have. Plus, there is no downtime! Everyone can benefit from LED.

Okay, simply sitting under a light can help to improve the skin? There's gotta be a catch or two, right? Honestly, not many that I can think of. Sure, LED is not a one and done type of treatment-you won't have a 10 minute session and see startling results. It's something that has to be utilized regularly, because it's working at a cellular level...which means that it certainly is an investment of time and money. And while it works on all skin colors/types and most conditions, there are a few exceptions. Pregnant women aren't recommended to use LED, nor are those with epilepsy, or anyone using medications that cause light sensitivity. For the most part, though, everyone else can add this amazing technology into their lives and reap some serious benefits!

As I mentioned, I use LED in just about all of my facial treatments via the My Skin Buddy (at no extra charge). MSB has red, blue, and green LED (along with ultrasonic vibrations, thermal heat, and ion therapy) and I highly recommend it for use in your home care routine (it's available for drop shipping, hit up your girl if you're interested!). I will always use MSB in my treatment room, but I also have dreams of having an LED bar-a room separate from the treatment room with multiple LED panels to service different areas of the body (face, decollete, or other areas of the body) on an as needed basis or via a membership program. That way, clients could really get the benefits of regular LED any time they want to pop in, not just during their facial. I know how much people would benefit from this, and I can't wait to bring this idea to life in the future. I'm confident that my vision will come to life sooner than later, and when that time comes, I'll definitely be sharing more details. 

I know that there are a ton of skin treatments/enhancements out there, but I'm all about simple, non invasive options in my practice. LED is the perfect partner to my preferred approach!

What are your thoughts on LED? Let's chat about it on my Facebook or Instagram pages, my email (, or on Twitter. I'd love to connect!

love & lipstick (& lights!),

Thursday, September 9, 2021


That tight, flaky skin? It's September, and you know what that means-the leaves are going to start falling, Blue Jay Orchards is selling their delicious apple cider donuts, and the mornings and evenings are (mercifully) quite a bit cooler. I usually love summer, but I'm honestly really happy that fall is here. Your skin, however, might need a little help with the transition.

As the seasons change, our skin's needs change too. My skin tends to get dehydrated really easily, and this time of year, I need ALLLLL the hydrating serums under the sun in order to keep my face from looking like a dried up snakeskin. It's also time for me to whip out the humidifier for bedtime-that way, the air isn't sucking those serums (and the life) from my face while I sleep. If you're like me and notice that your skin starts to get a little flaky and tight during the cooler months, don't worry! Here are some of my favorite serums to combat it- Hale & Hush Soothe Essence, Image Skincare Ageless Pure Hyaluronic Filler, and Circadia Moisture on Demand. Of course, AM and PM moisturizers are key in any skincare routine, but serums really pack a punch because they're formulated differently than other skincare products. If you aren't using a serum in your routine, you're missing out (I have several in rotation to ensure that I can always give my skin what it needs). If you find yourself needing a refreshing hydration boost during the day, try Skin Script's Cucumber Hydration Toner-it's a treatment room fave!

Something else to keep in mind is that fall and winter are the best times of year to add pigmentation reducing products and treatments to your regimen. When the days are longer and we're spending much more time outside in the sun, using products that get rid of pigmentation isn't as effective. However, once fall hits, it's time to bust out that brightening serum and schedule your chemical peels (more info on that to come soon 😁). Personally, I think that most of us should be using a Vitamin C serum in our morning routine (my favorite is Rare C by Hale & Hush, perfect for even the most sensitive skin), but if you really want to work on hyperpigmentation, the Iluma serum from Image Skincare and the Bright White serum from Circadia are going to be your best bets. If you need recommendations for what will work best for YOUR skin, either book an appointment with me at the studio or schedule a virtual consultation to create a personalized regimen. 

I know that you might be tempted to let your SPF move to the back of the medicine cabinet now that summer is gone, but STOP RIGHT THERE. SPF is necessary 365 days a year. I can't stress it enough. Your skin doesn't just stop accepting sun damage because it's cold outside. Sunscreen is the most important step in your routine. Don't skip it. Everything else you are doing for your skin is completely useless if you do. My favorite is my beloved Image Skincare Prevention + Matte SPF 32, closely followed by Circadia's Light Day SPF 37. You can't go wrong with either choice. You can only go wrong if you skip it altogether. You cannot improve ANY skin issue without diligent SPF usage!

Alright y'all, let's bust out that beloved hoodie, order a pumpkin spice latte, and fire up that humidifier-fall is here! Cheers to glowing, hydrated skin all year round🍹

love & lipstick,